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They want our money, but they don’t want to protect us

Sringatin is one of 134,000 Indonesians, the vast majority women, working as domestic workers in Hongkong. She is also Chair of the Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union (IMWU) in the territory. Here, Sringatin talks about their battles to get the Indonesian Government to fulfill its responsibilities towards its own citizens who do this work abroad. (more…)


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Even the Poorest Countries Can Do It!

Vicky Kanyoka is the IDWN Regional Coordinator for Africa. She comes from Tanzania and has been very active in her country’s committed efforts to tackle child labour, including in domestic work. On behalf of the Network, on 3 June, she gave a presentation to the opening session of the Tripartite Committee as it started to discuss the proposed Convention. [Read Vicky’s opening statement here]

Then, on 10 June, she addressed the Plenary meeting of the whole Conference. Over the days, too many governments had been saying they do not have the resources to take comprehensive action to turn domestic work into decent work. So, drawing on her own country’s experience – one of the poorest in the world – she shows that governments can solve problems which at first seem to so difficult, as long as they have imagination and commitment. [Read Vicky’s closing speech here]

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Vicky Kanyoka’s June 10 Speech

Vicky Kanyoka, IUF/IDWN, speech to the ILC Plenary on 10 June 2010

Dear President and honoured delegates

I have great pleasure to address you on behalf of the International Union of Foodworkers and the International Domestic Workers Network.

There are millions of domestic workers in the world, both in the developing countries and the developed ones. But for all this time they have never been recognised as workers in the world of work, with the rights that other workers have. (more…)

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Vicky Kanyoka’s June 3 Speech

Vicky Kanyoka, speech to the Tripartite Committee on Domestic Work,

ILC, Geneva, 3 June 2010

Dear Madam Chair, dear delegates to this International Labour Conference.

My name is Vicky Kanyoka, and I am representing the International Domestic Workers’ Network. The Global Union, the IUF – the International Union of Foodworkers – has given us an organisational base and given us all support to be present at this conference and be able to speak, for which we are truly grateful.

We are thankful that this Committee has given me a chance to speak for the millions of domestic workers outside this room who don’t have a voice, and those whose basic human and labour rights have no been recognised for so many years. (more…)

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